How to root Xperia Z4 Tablet



This tutorial will root your bootloader unlocked Xperia Z4 Tablet SGP712 and SGP771.

Note: You have to unlock bootloader.
DO NOT enable my Xperia before/after unlocking bootloader.
Your device will be bricked and it’s not fixable.

Bootloader Unlock

Follow the guide of this official page.
DO NOT enable my Xperia before/after unlocking bootloader.

Flash custom kernel

To get root on our Xperia Z4 Tablet, we have to use custom kernel right now. I created custom kernel which includes TWRP and disabled sony ric. Please download my kernel and TWRP. NOTE: TWRP can be used for both models, but you have to download correct kernel for your model.

You can download kernel from here.

How to:

  1. Download SuperSU from here and put it in Z4T storage
  2. Unzip my kernel zip and get boot.img
  3. Enter into fastboot mode by pressing volume up key and connect USB when the device is turned off.
  4. Run this command:
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash recovery TWRP-***.img
  5. If it succeed, reboot your Z4T.
  6. LED will turn on, so press volume key while LED is on.
  7. TWRP will boot. Install SuperSU zip via “Install”.
  8. Reboot. Rooting is done!
    If you need, you should install Busybox.

Titanium Backup

Now you can use root apps and remount /system.

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